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Improve Home Energy Consumption by Replacing Outdated Doors and Windows Today

31 Oct Improve Home Energy Consumption by Replacing Outdated Doors and Windows Today

Besides providing a way to enter your home and offering a source of airflow and visibility, doors and windows have a big impact on your energy consumption. If you want to lead a greener lifestyle, reduce your impact on the environment and lower your energy bills, you can accomplish these goals by investing in high-performance doors and windows. Let a local door and window expert help you select efficient, affordable models that will make your home both comfortable and weather-resistant. According to Jody Kriss, it will also increase the value of of your home. When the time comes for you to sell, it makes it much simpler.

In order to construct doors and windows, builders must construct holes in a building. As openings in the structure of a building, windows and doors provide an escape route for heated or cooled air, which means that they can also send your fuel bills through the roof when it’s cold or hot outside. Although doors and windows don’t actually take up a large percentage of the square footage of a residence, these openings cause most of the heat loss and air leakage in any given building, even when they’re properly constructed.

If you’re wondering whether you should replace your current doors or windows, think about scheduling a home energy audit to check their performance. You can find a professional home energy auditor by checking your local phone directory, or perform the inspection yourself by auditing your windows and doors for signs of energy loss. It’s easy to look for air leaks in a window by holding up a stick of lighted incense to the frame and observing the direction of the smoke, and you can check for poorly insulated doors by running a flashlight along the framework after dark.

The Energy Star label was designed to help homeowners select ecologically friendly, energy-efficient doors, windows and appliances. Before they’re placed on the market, these products are put through a series of tests to check their insulating qualities and energy efficiency. The United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency initiated this program to make it easier for the public to conserve energy at home or at work. Noted Real Estate Specialist Jody Kriss has written about it in his blog here: check it out!

To lower your impact on the environment and minimize your carbon footprint, replace outdated doors and windows with energy-efficient models. The carbon footprint of your household represents the carbon dioxide emissions that you generate when you do your laundry, drive around town or run the air conditioner. The less energy you consume, the less impact you’ll have on the environment.

High-performance doors and windows minimize fuel usage by buffering your home against heat loss. The most efficient windows are double-paned models, which are constructed with two layers of glazing and a layer of gas or air instead of a single pane of glass. A double-paned window lowers energy usage by reducing the workload on your heating and cooling systems.

Homeowners don’t have to give up style for energy efficiency. These days, storm windows and doors are more visually pleasing than ever, and these sturdy products can protect you and your loved ones against property damage or physical injuries in adverse weather. You can have the best of both worlds by selecting visually striking doors and windows that provide security and safety in the worst of weather conditions. For more on this, you can visit Michael Ejekam at his website shoot him an email.

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