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Flooring with Ceramic Tiles

30 May Flooring with Ceramic Tiles

  These tiles unlike mosaic are resistant to the effects of acids and bases; have a smaller thickness.

    The most widely used square ceramic tile size 200×200 mm, thickness 11 mm. the Tiles I class must be completely intact, no chipped, with a clean surface. In tiles II grade is allowed up to two Shcherbin diameter up to 2 mm. In tiles of both varieties are not allowed warping and curvature of edges. On the surface of the tiles III varieties permitted up to four Shcherbin a depth of 2 mm . You should not cull the tile with the stains and not particularly noticeable “spots” in the glaze. The remaining tiles are referred to as class IV.

    Transportation, warehousing. Tiles I, II and III grades are supplied in boxes. Tile IY varieties tied with a cord or wire 10 PCs Fittings tiles Packed in paper 10 PCs. in a rack and the crate.

    Tile Packed in crate, stacked in piles up to 2 m, but 1 m above the packing stack with bond (like a brick). Package with shaped parts store, putting in a number.

    Was adopted by the following technology repair and replacement coverage: repair of individual sections with the use of used material or new; full replacement coverage. Repair sections perform in smaller spaces, so repairs are less visible.

    Work on paving of ceramic tile are the same as mosaic floors, with the only difference that the ceramic tile line at once, several pieces.

    It should be noted that before carrying out any works it is necessary harmonization of redevelopment of BTI.

    Cutting, drilling and oleska tiles. It is impossible to lay flooring only from the whole tiles. Therefore, the necessary cutting tiles using hand or power tools. Even with a small amount of work appropriate accessories for cutting, to avoid marriage. Fixture to withstand certain size and to crop a series of tiles, and prirezku tiles cutting narrow strips. Disc cutter fixture firmly and evenly pressed to the tile split in the incision site. Tile removed from tools, crack hammer blow from the backside along the cut line. The bumps at the site of incision smooth out the rasp. Blunt disc cutter should be replaced. When working with a blunt disc cut tiles have an irregular fracture at the place of cutting.

    In the absence of fixtures tile on a square incised along the line marking cutter (glass cutter) on the front surface and with the ends of the tiles. After tracing the cutting line (scratches) with light hammer blows along the line at once chips cut a piece of tile. Strips having a width of 1-3 cm bite off kusachkami. If chosen, redevelopment of the room allows it to pass through the floor construction of the passing pipe or other structures necessary drilling ceramic tile. If the pipe is at the junction of tiles, then you need to chip edges; if the pipe passes through the middle of the tile, then cut it into two or four parts, chipping of edges to the hole of the necessary diameter.

    The thickness of the coating of ceramic tiles: according to the traditional technology by spreading a solution of 28 – 30 mm; on modern technology in various adhesive materials 10-13 mm.

    The technology laying flooring with ceramic tiles is the same as the coverings of mosaic tiles.

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